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What is WordPress Website support & maintenance?

WordPress Website Support & Maintenance is like any software. The software in your Website releases updates to add functionality and also fix bugs. It is essential to updates your Website regularly. Every business that has a website created with WordPress needs a maintenance plan.

Why Website support and maintenance is important?

Our Website Maintenance & Support Service

We can help You maintain your website

Website Support & Maintenance

The good news we offer WordPress Website Support & Maintenance. We, as a digital marketing company, can help you to develop and maintain your Website. As a reliable service provider, we can take care of the complete WordPress maintenance.
Not only this, but also we protect and secure your Website from hackers on the prowl and lurking malware. We can assist you in the following aspect in the circle beside:


Data Base

We remove the old post and unnecessary pages, old images, unnecessary plugins. We take care of the maintenance of the server to keep your site well.

Security Monitoring

Installation of an SSL certificate and set of security software. Daily security check


It’s imperative to have your site back up in case you lose it for many reasons. Our plan includes a daily backup, which is a safe one.

Update software

Plugins, theme and other software will be updated as soon update are available.

Details report

As we work with transparency, our website care plan includes a Monthly report.

Site Speed

We will ensure that your site is always loading fast. Speed helps your site to appear quickly in the result on Google search.

Our Website Maintenance Process | Where and how to start?

Website Care Plan Audit

Our Care Plan Audit is designed to take a deeper look at your website, how it has been built, the plugins in use, security setup and more. Think of it like a health check for your website. We need to make sure that your website is healthy and in good order, so that we can then continue to help you manage the website on an ongoing basis.

After completing our Care Plan Audit, we’ll provide you with a report of our findings and any action points that we recommend taking care of

Web Design | development services Gatineau/Ottawa
Web Design | development services Gatineau/Ottawa

Resolving any issues found & Ongoing Maintenance

As part of the service, you get 2 hours of our time included, so we can use this towards resolving any issues that we’ve found.

To keep your website always update, you will need an ongoing website care plan. Update, Optimization, backups, and maintenance must be done constantly. A true piece of mind for your business!

Want to know more about website maintenance?

Get Your Free Guide On Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe

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    Why choose us to take care of your website?

    Web development and digital marketing

    Easy Solution of Problems

    If you want to maintain your Website, then you have the best option of Website Maintenance Services in Ottawa. Here you can find us, and we will help you to maintain the Website without any hassles. The services at this place take away the worries related to website ownership. We offer reliable support. We can detect issues before you do and can find and explain them better to others. We also tend to be active and can notice disasters coming.

    Website support & maintenance

    Trusted Service

    If you have decided to take a WordPress maintenance service, we can guide you when and why this service is right for you. There are many reasons when you will need to maintain your Website, and as professionals, we provide you with every details related to a website maintenance. Our WordPress Website Support & Maintenance will save your time and money, leaves you free to concentrate on other important things, and much more. Hence, We take care of every small thing on your Website.

    Get Perfect Guidance

    Our Web design company in Ottawa has been set up to provide the best quality product to any individuals or businesses that set foot in our physical or virtual door. So the quality of the end product is of utmost concern to us. We will do everything to ensure that you get the best in the very first go.

    Regular Maintenance

    We ensure that your involvement in the process is as limited or as thorough as you would deem fit. We have worked with experts in the field of designing as well as people with no clue about the process. You can be at the end or anywhere in-between that spectrum, and we will find the right fit for you.

    Let us help you, and so do help to grow your business

    WordPress website maintenance is a little bit tricky task and differents from one website to another. That's why we are the ones who will provide a custom and comprehensive website maintenance plan. With our website care service, your business can deliver a speedy, secure, and seamless online experience.

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