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Project Details


Project Brief:

Alymer Sector Partners is a group created in 2004, that works with various organizations in the Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau to support the creation and synergy of environments favorable to a healthy lifestyle and the optimal development of the population and communities. Aylmer Sector Partners are the grouping of more than 40 partners from different backgrounds, from daycare center to community organizations. They want to add something new to offer best user experience to their visitors. Such as


Step 01

Gather all information

At Smjweb, we understand the needs of Alymer Sector Partners to design the best version of website they want. We researched about this business category & User behaviour to design and develop user friendly UI & UX of the website to attract visitors.


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

The new platform presents something new such as the possibility of making donations (in money or material), a FAQ to answer the most frequently asked questions, a form to become a volunteer (according to the needs of our partner members), a section with resources useful for 0-5 year olds, families and young people. There is also a calendar with the activities offered by our members in the sector. Finally there is the possibility to look at the different projects carried out by the PSA with various partners and to share your comments / suggestions to best meet your needs!


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Finally, Here is a new website that can engage visitors with device-friendly layouts that increase visitors to get involved in the community to make it better by helping through volunteering and citizen involvement.

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