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Project Details


Project Brief:

IPad50Plus is a well known company in Canada offering iPad50plus training and the best learning support that money can buy. This course is adapted to beginners, the elderly, and children. In this course, student will learn to set up your iPad and use the most popular Apps. Two teachers will be present to make it easy to follow and get support when you need it with our Facebook support group.

After experiencing that iPad has become an important tool in everyones’s life due to it’s amazing features like fast and powerful, portable, easy to use and energy efficient, Jocelyn finally decided to design a new website to bring the best method to learn iPad training what she think to be the best system around. She approached Smjweb to give shape to her innovative ideas with best Web design agency in Canada.


Step 01

Gather all information

To design the website right, we needed to understand the type of audience that will come to their website so the design lives up to their requirements. Website needs to be designed with modern and responsive theme to offer best user-experience. She needs a website that functions as a powerful online registration form to Book online Lessons Instantly, Showcase their ipad training services with a attractive video to attract and keep new visitors/clients, Service page, About us page to tell story behind this new startup.

So, we start doing the research about the Business category in an online market to consider all the parameters that leads to offer best user experience to attract new visitors then ultimately, new visitors convert into Customers.


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

After the Complete research, we have come with the full plan to bring “ipad50plus” in an online Marketplace. The new website will be created with Features that make your new site more useful to existing customers and converts new ones faster. 

Additionally the following “behind the scenes” features will be built-in to the website:


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Finally, We got success in bringing the ideas and visions of Jocelyn for “ipad50plus” into life, a brand-new website with all new features that can engage visitors with device-friendly layouts to attract new visitors, Instant option for users to book lesson with choice of their flexible time, About us page to tell story behind this brand, Contact us page and more.

Video creation

The video we have created can be used for marketing purpose and more

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