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Project Details

Extermination Parasitex case study

Project Brief:

Extermination Parasitex is a well renowned & experienced company in Gatineau offering extermination and animal control services for pest infected residential houses & commercial buildings. Marc Frechette (The Founder) has started this company many years ago with a mission to provide healthy, comfortable and clean environments to their customers. With a vision to differentiate their brand in the marketplace and to reach more customers in all over Gatineau and Ottawa, he wished to develop a brand-new website that can give wings to his business to be successful. Finally, Marc Frechette has approached SmjWeb to design and develop the new website that is.


Step 01

Gather all information

At Smjweb, we analysed & understand the requirements of Marc to give a shape to his ideas. We researched about this business category & customer behavior to design and develop user friendly UI & UX of the website to target potential customers so that they can find them easily and book their pest control services.

Ultimately, the Extermination Parasitex website should be a useful resource for all visitors and clients that encourages them enquired about services.


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

There was all set to bring “Parasite Extermination” from zero to hero in an online Market. The new website will be created with Features that make the site useful to existing customers and converts new ones faster.

Additionally the following “behind the scenes” features will be built-in to the website:


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Finally, we got success in developing a website that can engage visitors with device-friendly layouts that increase visitors, conversions, and revenue.

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