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Project Details


Project Brief:

Avec Grace is a digital marketing and communication agency offers a 360 experience of digital marketing, Events and Communication Services for small, medium and large companies established in France, Congo, Montreal and Ottawa. Grace Kelly Bambu (The Founder) already has a website with a goal to reach maximum customers through a online marketplace but due to limitation of its existing website in terms of design, User interface and features, she finally decided to rebuild a website from professionals to align with her objectives and reach its target audience. With this vision Grace Kelly Bambu has approached SmjWeb to redesign and develop the new website with these new features: 


Step 01

Gather all information

At Smjweb, we analysed & understand the requirements of Grace Kelly Bambu to give a shape to her ideas and to make her website a Powerful marketing tool. We researched about this business category & customers behaviour to design and develop user friendly UI & UX of the website to attract and retain new visitors / customers, to position themselves as authority with its audience and bring credibility to all visitors / customers.

Ultimately, the “Avec Grace” website should be a useful resource for all visitors and clients that encourages them enquired about services.


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

There was all set to built “Avec Grace ” from scratch, with a personalized design reflecting the image that Grace Kelly Bambu brings to its target audience in an online marketplace. The new website has been created with Features that make her new site more useful to existing customers and converts new ones faster.

In addition, the following “behind the scenes” functionality will be incorporated into the website:


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

Finally, we got success in developing a website that can engage visitors with device-friendly layouts that increase visitors, conversions, and revenue.

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